Texas Woman Blows Up Her Wedding Dress After Divorcing Husband – Impact Is Heard For Miles

Divorce is one of the hardest things that someone can go through in life. After divorcing her husband of 14 years, a Texas woman decided to make herself feel better by setting her wedding dress on fire, and she’s inspiring other women to do the same!

Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler of Lacoste, Texas teamed up with her family to rig up explosives to her dress. She then got to sit back and watch it explode.

Kimberly, 43, threw herself a divorce party over the weekend, inviting over forty people to come to her father’s farm and watch it explode. Afterwards, she opened up about how satisfying it was to watch her wedding dress go up in flames.

“I wanted to remove all things from our marriage from our house — photos in the attic, ring in the safe (but probably going to sell it), and the dress I wanted to burn,” she said. “I had a lot of advice and suggestions from friends and family, like donating it for premature babies and baptism gowns. However, to me, the dress represented a lie. I wanted to have a divorce party to burn the dress.”

To make this happen, Kimberly rigged her dress with 20 pounds worth of the explosive Tannerite. She then started shooting at the explosives from 100 yards away, causing them to explode. The explosion was so powerful that it was felt from 15 miles away.

Kimberly urged others to be careful if they want to consider doing the same thing that she did.

“I would only recommend it for people that know how to use this stuff,” she explained.

For Kimberly, however, the experience could not have been better.

“It was like being on set of some action movie. The explosion was huge,” Kimberly said. “It was liberating pulling that trigger. It was closure for all of us.”

Check out the explosion for yourself below!

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