Baby Born At The Size Of A Doll “It Took Two-and-a-half Years For Her To Learn To Walk”

The baby girl makes people surprised when they see her because she’s so small, and especially when they find out how old she actually is.

Baby Sophia Hecimovic is now 9, from Australia. A few years ago, she looked like a two-year-old girl the size of a doll at first glance. However, the Australian toddler was in fact four-years-old. She was 88cm tall and weighed about 12kg.

The test results showed Sophia’s body is producing growth hormones—another reason why doctors are so puzzled that the child isn’t physically growing.

Sophia’s mother, Effie Panayiotou said “It’s frustrating because we don’t have an answer as to why she’s so much smaller than other children her age,”.
To make matters even more tough, the little girl was also having certain developmental problems.

Effie added: “Developmentally she’s behind as well—it took two-and-a-half years for her to learn to walk,”

However, these things don’t prevent Sophia from enjoying life. Like most little girls, Sophia likes Disney princesses, reading, animals. Mommy Effie also said that Sophia is a sociable baby and possessed with a big personality.

On Facebook, the mother shared “She can light up any room she goes into,”
“She’s like every other normal kid though and loves her dance classes and swimming lessons.”

It surprises people when they see the baby because she’s so small, and especially when they find out how old she actually is. In 2016, little Sophia grew a total of 8 cm.
The report said: “When she was born in June 2012 Sophia weighed just more than 1.8 kg. She was only 46 cm tall–less than the average for a new-born baby,”
. “When she sat beside a doll her mom had bought for her she was shorter than it. She was kept in hospital for three weeks and monitored but doctors had no explanation for her size.”

At five-months-old, Sophia was able to speak, saying “mummy” and “dog,”. However, when the girl turned a year old, she stopped speaking altogether.

Initially, the little was misdiagnosed with a condition called R.o.b.i.n.o.w S.y.n.d.r.o.m.e, which is a rare genetic disorder affecting bone development.

At the age of two, baby was Sophia then diagnosed with high functioning a.u.t.i.s.m.

Although the girl has to face many setbacks, she and her mother aren’t giving up just yet.
The girl was part of a learning group in order to cope with life’s increasing demands. In addtion, she received physiotherapy among many other treatments. these treatments seemed to be working.
Sophia’s mother shared she could already see the positive improvements in her daughter’s mobility thanks to her physical therapy sessions.

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