“If you see a child abandoned on the street, immediately lock the car doors and run away as soon as possible.” The warning comes from the police..

The world we live in today is a way of progress, of new inventions, it is an advanced world … smartphones with increasingly incredible functions, tablets, technological objects that make our lives easier, making it more comfortable, writes ShkodraNews. We live in a country where you can stay in touch with a person who lives on the other side of the world, being able to see their face every day, thanks to phone calls, Skype, Whatsapp, Messanger and many other applications…

But unfortunately, these innovations are not only good … there are those who use them to commit atrocities. Criminals for example, every day study new methods to hurt their victims and unfortunately unpleasant incidents happen every day.

This is an episode that happened in Spain and is spreading more and more … an episode that everyone should be aware of for their own protection.

One evening, a woman was returning from work, when she saw a child on the street, abandoned on the street, writes ShkodraNews. She approached him to find out what was happening and where his parents were, but when she heard him crying and saw that no one was around, she got out of the car to help him.

But when she got close enough, she realized it was a doll in a newborn’s clothes… luckily she caught the trick in time and ran to the car, locking herself inside it.

At the same time, three men had come out of nowhere, but the woman managed to speed up and get away. Once she reached a safe place, the woman alerted the police.

Agents went to the scene and found the doll, but no sign of the three men. After some investigation, they managed to track down three teenagers, aged 12, 14 and 17.

They were car thieves.

Surely their intention was to steal the woman, but these things should not happen … anyone would stop to help an abandoned child and, unfortunately, there have been other similar cases in other parts of the world , so it is right for each of us to be aware. This time everything went well… but things could have been different! Share with friends, warn as many people as possible, the internet world has great power!

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