Woman Selflessly Donates Kidney To Ex-Husband Two Decades After They Divorce

Bill Henrich and Mary Zeigler were childhood sweethearts who divorced twenty years ago after two children and 24 years of marriage. Though they are no longer, Mary fulfilled her vow to stick with Bill in sickness and in health when she donated a kidney to her ex-husband when he needed it.

“It’s kind of an unusual story,” said Mary, 62.

Bill and Mary first met when they were 14 and they married when they were 18. Though they divorced after 24 years of marriage, they remained cordial so that they could co-parent their two children together.

In February of last year, Mary learned that Bill needed a kidney, and she came forward to offer hers to him with no hesitation.

“You know for me, it wasn’t even a decision,” she said. “You know it was kind of like him calling up and saying, ‘Can you come over and help us rake leaves.’ That’s how I think of it.”

Before her October transplant, Mary spent a month eating healthy and drinking water.

“The doctor did say it was an excellent kidney when I woke up,” Bill said.

Bill and Mary now are hoping that their story will inspire other exes to get along with each other, especially when children are involved.

“If this story changes one person’s actions or attitude towards their ex, it’ll be all worth it,” Mary said.

We applaud Mary for selflessly donating her kidney to her ex-husband. This just goes to show that two people can get along after a divorce and still be there for each other!

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