Dad Becomes Viral Sensation After Sharing Hilarious Conversations He Has With 4 Daughters

James Breakwell is a father of four daughters who refers to himself as the “exploding unicorn” on social media. James has found himself becoming a viral sensation after he started sharing the hilarious conversations he has with his four girls.

Twitter users can’t get enough of the funny conversations that this dad has with his daughters!

James first went viral back in 2016, and he has since amassed over one million followers. His profile states that he is a father with two pigs, two books, and four daughters who is also a professional comedy writer. Based on the conversations he shares, it’s obvious that he is very good at his job!
Each of his daughters are under the age of 7, and the things that they say are nothing short of hilarious.
On Twitter, James refers to each of his daughter by a number, which happens to be their ages.

It’s clear that Number 5 has a sense of humor that rivals her dad’s!

With so many jokes going around this house, it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction.

Every parent dreads having the birds and the bees talk with their kids. James had the perfect response when Number 5 questioned how babies are made!

His daughters definitely are not low on confidence.

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