Young Man Walks Up To Piano In Airport – Stuns Fellow Travelers With What He Does Next

Being stuck in an airport is typically thought of as a boring experience, as not much exciting stuff happens there. That’s why these travelers at an airport in Malta were stunned when a young man sat down at a piano and treated them all to an unforgettable performance!

The video was shot at the Malta International Airport in Luqa on a perfectly normal day. Passengers can be seen lounging around at the beginning, with most of them glued to their phones. Suddenly, a man can be seen approaching the piano. It turns out that the man is Evgeny Khmara, a pianist and classical composer who has over 70,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Evgeny decided to give his fellow bored passengers a gift that they will never forget!
As soon as Evgeny started to play, the other travelers perk up and make it clear that they are enjoying the show. Even the children who had been loudly talking and playing stopped what they were doing to listen to the music.
Evgeny continued to perform flawlessly, giving travelers a first class performance. Video of his performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 37 million times!

“To us mere mortals, watching these superhumans is awesome,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I rarely travel, but I wish everytime I do, I witness something as magical as this.”

“It’s great that everyone recognised and appreciated a quality musician,” a third user commented. Check out the incredible performance for yourself in the video below!

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