The Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle You Should Try In 2022, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

From the defining “Rachel” haircut to the sensual styles on the red carpet, Jennifer Aniston’s hair has been the talk of the town (and the world) for decades. Even I’ve tried to mimic many of her looks.

With the launch of her haircare line LolaVie (the glossing deangler is my fave — you gotta try it) I decided to take a look back at the star’s famous hairstyles throughout the years, and chose one look that will suit each of the zodiac signs.

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Discover which style of Aniston’s you’re destined to try in 2022, ahead.

Aries are constantly on the go, due to their fiery nature, which is why they will like wearing a hairstyle that has two braids — and a baseball hat of their choice. This sporty chic vibe will be the new look that Aries will want to rock everyday.

If there is one thing Tauruses know, it’s how to add glamour to their hair 24/7. This hairstyle from Aniston will bring major red carpet inspiration to the bull who’s looking to level up their look. Not only does it sizzle and ooze seductiveness, but it’s sophisticated and playful.

Geminis tend to gravitate towards versatile haircuts that allow them to play around with different styles. This bob cut that Jennifer Aniston had will serve as inspiration for the airy sign to wear. The sleek style that radiates positivity can be worn half up, down, or in an updo.

Cancers like to have their hair in an updo to ensure that they can show off their sensitive eyes to the world. Letting others see their emotions will be tough for Cancers, but once they give people the chance to know the real them — then their hearts will sing with glee.

Being that Leos are known to be fearless, they’ll vie for these empowering curls that make a bold statement and demand attention. This effortless hairstyle has a sensual and beautiful vibe that will go with any outfit. Leo can dress up or down and be able to flaunt these curls.

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