Dog Falls In Love With His Newborn Sibling And Refuses To Leave His Side

Dogs are always humans’ loyal friends that stay by our side through thick and thin. Somehow, these adorable animals have a strong affinity for kids. If your family owns a dog, you can be sure your child has already had one of the best friends in their life.

Everyone must be excited to welcome a new baby to the family, and look! Your furry guys get excited no less than you when they know they have a human sibling. That’s exactly what we see in the pictures and videos shared by the family of Malamutes on the internet!

The Malamutes, with three members – mom, dad, and little daughter – are popular on social media after sharing their fascinating life with their pets – a cat named Milo and Buddy the Golden.

A few weeks ago, the family welcomed a new member when mom Emma gave birth to little Nathan. The parents, Shane and Emma, couldn’t be more excited to introduce the baby to his sister Amelia and his furry siblings.

Though the pets can’t say how they feel in words, they have a lot of other ways to express their eagerness. Shane shared on Instagram that one of the dogs was shaking his fluffy body with excitement to say hi to the newborn. The dogs seemed to love Nathan at first sight and automatically turned to guard mode to protect their little sibling. They took turns staying by his side, but except Buddy, the Golden Retriever who clings to the newborn any time.

Buddy loves to sit next to Nathan and try to cuddle with him. However, since the baby is too young for that, the dog serves as a blanket for his human brother. The furry guy sometimes sleeps next to the baby and puts his snout on Nathan’s legs.

Sweet Buddy loves to look at his brother face-to-face and follows the baby everywhere. “This Golden retriever meets a newborn baby and then he never leaves his side! He follows him everywhere, well he doesn’t get very far he gets carried but he’s a little shadow. I don’t know what it is about all of our dogs but they just go into little fluffy protector mode,” dad Shane shared.

The way Buddy cares for his human sibling is just so sweet that it melts our hearts. The two will definitely be a perfect duo in the future!

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