Joyful Gecko Shows Big Smiles Whenever He’s Around His Toy Gecko Friend

If you’re having a bad day or under the weather at the time, you should spend some minutes meeting the happiest gecko in the world. His joyful spirit will definitely cheer you up!

We all love to have quality time with our friends and almost never feel bored whenever we’re with them. Most of the time, no joke is needed to make us smile in happiness since staying by their side is just so comfortable and peaceful. The same rule goes with this leopard gecko when he spends time with his best friend.

Though lizards are well-known for being extremely territorial creatures, this adorable gecko, Kohaku, is willing to share his space with another of his kind. However, the other individual turns out to be his tiny toy gecko.

“Just look how happy this leopard gecko is with his tiny gecko toy!”

People may argue that lizards can’t actually smile, but they would probably take their words back once they see Kohaku. This cheerful fella went viral on the internet years ago and never lost his heat.

Kohaku became a phenomenon on social media after his photos with his mini version toy gecko were shared. Given that his best friend was a toy, the lovable lizard looked like the happiest creature in the world.

This strong relationship astounds many people as no one could think a territorial animal like the leopard gecko could share his room with someone else. That said, Kohaku and Chinmari, his beloved toy friend, have proved they are a perfect duo.

The constant happiness on Kohaku’s face has drawn the attention of many animal lovers. The pair has earned quite a fame online with approximately 38,000 followers on Instagram! Follow them, and you will have a pill for sadness whenever you need it!

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