What 15 Famous Men With Unusual Appearances Would Look Like If They Matched Hollywood’s Beauty Standards

As the entertainment industry grows bigger, many actors and actresses become worldwide famous icons of beauty and style. Fairly to say, between the government and famous movie stars, we think that those renowned faces have greater influence. They are the perfect models for their fans. And with millions of fans all over the world, they can easily make a trend or a new standard at will.

Have you seen people style their hair like an actor/actress? Yes, and not just that. Skin tone, eye color, lips, and nose, many people want to look like a replica of their idols. But like, these famous people themselves sometimes just don’t care about beauty standards. They embrace their unique appearances and are happy with all they have. But just for today, do you want to see how they look if they match the Hollywood beauty standard? Let’s scroll down below and check out these 15 handsome actors. We can say that they look great no matter what.

#1 Steve Buscemi

#2 Jack Black

#3 Willem Dafoe

#4 Ron Perlman

#5 Benedict Cumberbatch

#6 Danny Trejo

#7 Christopher Walken

#8 Rowan Atkinson

#9 Benicio del Toro

#10 Adam Driver

#11 Quentin Tarantino

#12 Danny DeVito

#13 Woody Allen

#14 Rami Malek

#15 Adrien Brody

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