Marion Ross Is ‘Child Inside’ & ‘About 11’ at 94 — She Is Still Very Spry, Cute & Looks Forward to Mother’s Day

“Happy Days” star Marion Ross is aging gracefully and is still a child inside at 94!
She opened up about her feelings about her retirement, aging, and what she thinks about death.
The actress is incredibly loved and cherished by her family, who surprised her for her 93rd birthday!

After starring as a beloved mother to the “Happy Days” gang, Marion Ross became a household name. Ross played Marion Cunningham on the decade-long series and quickly built a solid fan base.

Now, she is 94 years old and still fondly remembered as one of America’s best TV characters. Although she is no longer working, she still has her fans and is loved and supported by her family.

Ross turned 94 in October of 2022 and has been in retirement for quite some time now, but she has never lost her funny and quirky side. She is now a mother and grandmother, but she will never regret “Happy Days.”

The veteran actress confirmed she loved playing Marion Cunningham on TV and even still uses the role to her advantage. She joked:

“I take advantage of it every time I want the plumber to come—anything I want… I use it.”

She admitted that she loved playing the role because it opened many doors for her professionally. She was grateful for her cast mates, too, and said they grew to love one another very much.

What Does Ross Do in Retirement and How Does She Feel?
Ross retired in 2018 but has no qualms about saying she does not regret the decision for a second. When asked if there was a role that could get her back on television, she confessed that she didn’t care.

Talking about how she felt being retired, she said she was very motivated to be on television when she was younger, but now she was happy she had some time to rest. She joked that her last role was in a sitcom, and she forgot her lines. She quipped:

“I’m 91-and-a-half, but I’m still very spry and very cute. I look forward to Mother’s Day, and my whole life is really lovely.”

A few months after her 88th birthday, Ross gave an interview in which she said she never felt old because she was a “child inside,” which kept her feeling young. She said her life force is the child inside her. She joked that she felt like she was eleven.

She said she felt like being her age allowed her permission to rest. While other actresses her age were still working, she said she felt no pressure to do anything she didn’t want to do because of her already successful professional life.

Ross also discussed her inevitable demise and said it was hard for her to conceptualize passing away. She joked:

“I think, perhaps, because I’m such an optimist, there’s gonna be the most fantastic thing happen after you di e.”

She said that although she doesn’t look forward to death, she is not afraid of it because nobody knows where you go after you pass on. She talked about the event casually and happily.

What Relationship Does Ross Have with Her Family?
Ross has two children, and she has raised them well. They are a close family, and Ross has often talked about her children’s achievements. Ross is overjoyed at the accomplishments her children have made in their lives.

Both her son and her daughter followed in her Hollywood footsteps. Her son, Jim Meskimen, is an impressionist and actor who made it to the “America’s Got Talent Finals” in the early 2010s. Her daughter, Ellen Plummer, remains behind the camera.

Plummer worked as a writer and producer on the popular ’90s sitcom, “Friends” and its spinoff series “Joey.” Ross said she thought their home life led her children into careers in show business.

Ross admitted that the family was always talking with accents of some kind and the atmosphere in their home was always cheerful and playful. However, she also said her children saw how tricky show business was because of her career.

Her son posted a vlog on YouTube for her 93rd birthday in October 2021. He showed how they celebrated his mother’s birthday and her reactions to everything they did for her on a special day.

The video starts off by showing Ross and her son taking what he called “a short road trip” for her birthday. While driving, they talked about her birthday, and when asked how she felt about turning 93, she said:

“I’m trying to keep interested, you know, in things.”

While the comment seemed negative, Ross said it with a smile and then admitted that it was good to be alive. She then said what a lovely family she had, to which her son replied that she was loved and treasured.

The family then arrived at a fire station, where her son asked if she could pose in front of a fire engine that had “T93” written on the front in honor of Ross’ 93rd birthday. The firefighters agreed and even posed with her in front of the fire engine.

She then posed in front of a gate with a “93” on it, which was red to match her outfit. Throughout the video, Ross appeared happy, and her family was with her all the time, exhibiting their sweet bond.

Ross also shares a lovely bond with her grandchildren. Her granddaughter, Taylor once did a video with her grandmother in which she said:

“So, I wanted to ask you today, Grandma, about heroes because you’re my hero, and I’m sure you’re a hero to a lot of people.”

As Taylor was making this confession, Ross leaned forward and sweetly brushed her nose against her granddaughter’s. Taylor then asked if Ross had any heroes in her time.

Ross said she had many heroes, and every time she saw someone interesting, she wanted to become like them. She admitted everywhere she went, she found someone interesting who she wanted to be.

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