43-year-old man bags university degree after 24 years of working as school janitor, set to become a teacher

Tylan Bailey, a remarkable 43-year-old man, has finally graduated from Georgia State University in the United States 24 years after working as a janitor in one of Georgia’s high schools.

Tylian Bailey devoted 24 years of his youth to serving as the custodian of Hightower Elementary School in DeKalb Country, Georgia, USA. He, on the other hand, has aspired to be a teacher and was able to do so after several years of service.

Bailey enrolled at Georgia State University in the United States at the age of 40 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in health and physical education with a minor in special education.

“I’ve always wanted to go to college. I had always desired to be a teacher. “Having everything sink in at that point was the best feeling I’d ever had,” Bailey told WSBTV.

Bailey enrolled in classes at Georgia State University’s College of Education & Human Development in order to pursue the teacher education curriculum. Bailey reached his goal at the age of 43, after three years of juggling janitorial work and academic studies.

Bailey, who was overjoyed with his accomplishment, celebrated it on Twitter. “Returned to college at the age of 40, graduated at the age of 43 with a B.S.E in Health and Physical Education, minor in Special Education, and honors “Cum Laude,” he wrote.

He explained that he had been a custodian at Hightower Elementary School for over 20 years because he wanted to give back to his alma mater. “I was determined to remain in DeKalb Schools. “I am a DeKalb Schools graduate, and I wanted to give back to DeKalb Schools,” Bailey explained.

Bailey is now a teacher at Briar Vista Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. He teaches physical education to students in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. “I want them to develop a lifelong passion for physical activity,” Bailey said of his desire to be a teacher.

Briar Vista school principal Cammie Neil said Bailey was a standout alumnus when it came to teaching tenacity.

Among the 92 applicants for the position.

“Someone who has worked as a custodian and then gone to college and gotten their degree— I wanted to give him a chance,” Neill explained.

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