‘I will not raise jobless sons’: Mum chases her kids away from cartoon, Asks them to go do house chores

(Nigeria, Raw) – In an Instagram video posted on January 1st by @yabaleftonline, the little kids were seen by their mother watching cartoons on TV very early in the morning; instead of leaving them, she turned off the TV and chased them upstairs to arrange and clean up their room.

I will not raise unemployed sons.
In the video, the mother is seen raising her voice at her children, stating that she will not allow her children to be raised irresponsibly.

Many people thought the kids’ reactions were amusing, but some thought their mother’s actions were too harsh for their age group.

View the video here:


Netizens react
@jummynarratives said:
“She said “see your life”. they’ve barely lived any .”

@tenishacash said:

“I don’t know how to feel given the fact that they just start crying when she starts speaking. They are too young, why are they trembling with so much fear at such a young age? “
@virtuechantz said:

“that first one fears his mother .”
@sami_lou2521 said:
“I don’t see anything wrong in encouraging children to tidy their things away etc. I just don’t agree with the way in which she is doing it.”
@burleyearl said:

“These actions of discipline are consistent with African American home rules.”
@silas_ki_mara said:
“This is the wife we want. Strong African values.”

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